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Wade talks about cornona virus

Wade Bontrager, CEO, shares a message to truck drivers

  • Claim PAID: $907.00; Aftertreatment – EGR Valve; Bolingbrook
  • Claim PAID: $4,503.72; Engine - Injectors; Tampa
  • Claim PAID: $1,551.12; PowerPK - Injectors; Individual
  • Claim PAID: $3,471.25; Engine - EGR Valve; Corporate
  • Claim PAID: $6,354.30; Engine - Turbocharger; Atlanta
  • Claim PAID: $3,210.68; Engine - Injectors; Elk River
  • Claim PAID: $1,846.96; Aftertreatment - Harness; Kansas City
  • Claim PAID: $10,338.96; Engine - Cylinder Head; Atlanta
  • Claim PAID: $9,100.94; Engine - Fuel Pump; Dallas
  • Claim PAID: $2,462.60; Aftertreatment - EGR Valve; Corporate
  • Claim PAID: $4,904.84; Aftertreatment - SCR; Knoxville
  • Claim PAID: $4,022.94; Engine - Injectors; Champaign
  • Claim PAID: $2,062.54; Engine - Exhaust Manifold; Boise
  • Claim PAID: $517.77; Aftertreatment - Sensor; Tyler
  • Claim PAID: $20,679.03; Engine - Cylinder Head; Chicago
  • Claim PAID: $9,151.91; Engine - Piston Ring Set; Prairie Village
  • Claim PAID: $1,206.79; Aftertreatment - Doser Injector; Henderson

NTP Helps Raise $10,901 for Military Veterans

Wade Bontrager, Army veteran and CEO and Tim Ronan, Chief Marketing Officer, participated in Run Ranger Run, a fund-raiser that assists military veterans to assimilate back into civilian life when they return from active duty. In February, Wade and Tim ran and walked 163 miles and raised $10,901, which placed their two-man effort the #5 highest fund-raisers in the country. NTP donated $3,000 to kick off their 2020 "We Value Our Veterans" program supporting retired military veterans.


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We Value Our Veterans

All year long, NTP honors the estimated 1 million military veterans who work in the trucking industry with various programs and promotions. The annual We Value Our Veterans promotion starts September 11 and ends on Veterans Day November 11, where three lucky veterans are drawn to win a $1,000 cash prize! Stay tuned for more on the 2020 program coming soon.


Leading the Industry Since 1983

National Truck Protection Co., Inc. is the leading independent provider of warranties and service contracts to the North American trucking industry. NTP, celebrating its 30th year, serves Owner Operators, Truck Dealers, and Truck Fleets, Leasing and Financing Companies and virtually any party needing extended coverage on a remarketed vehicle.

For nearly three decades, NTP has been providing the highest quality, most comprehensive products on the market. NTP has earned a reputation for quality, service and dependability. NTP’s customers include the most trusted and respected truck manufacturers and dealers in America. NTP provides private label warranties to major OEMs and to all segments of the used truck industry through its extensive network of corporate and independent dealers.

Our goal is to provide outstanding coverage, outstanding service and uncompromised quality in everything we do to serve our customers. We offer the best used truck warranty programs on the market and have a wide range of options that fits all needs and all budgets. Our programs are easy to administer, comprehensive and affordable.

We know truck warranties…

National Truck Protection is run by professionals with over a century of combined experience in the used truck warranty business. National Truck Protection is dedicated only to the used truck marketplace. Everything we do revolves around trucks!!!!

Come Join the Paperless Revolution!

Ask your NTP representative how you can start using the NTP Dealer Portal and access the industry’s first and only paperless inspection and warranty system. NTP’s online system is the fastest and easiest way to sell warranties.
Call 1-800-950-3377


On-line Inspection and Warranty Processing! Totally paperless transactions saving time and money yet with precision and accuracy!


NTP leads the independent warranty market in Product Innovation, Quality, Service and most importantly; Value. NTP warranties continue to hold the highest Blue Book Values – Making them more valuable to you and to your customers.


NTP has achieved and maintained an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.


NTP provides the most comprehensive repair and breakdown management services in the industry.