Trust. Transparency. Truth.

When we started serving the trucking industry nearly 40 years ago, we wanted to be known as a place where people knew they were getting honest, quality service. When we started offering aftermarket warranties, service was still important. But being trusted to cover what we said we’d cover and also, explaining why we weren’t covering a repair, was even more important. That transparency has led to the long and meaningful relationships we have today with our re-selling partners, repair facilities and customers. For the long road, we’ll always choose taking the high road.

Our History

Our values and our principles are important to every member of our team because what we stand for and stand by are important to our customers, re-selling partners and service providers.


We do what is right. We hold ourselves to a high standard in offering the best programs and coverages, and standing by what we say we’ll do.


We are clear and open. In a business that can be seen as hiding behind fine print, we have set ourselves apart with our commitment to open and honest communication.


We always strive to be the best. When you’re the best, you always have to keep working hard to stay the best. You can’t just think you’re the best and be satisfied. You have to hear others say you’re the best. So we work hard.


We keep our word. Our word is important to you. If we say a part is covered under a program you buy, then it’s covered. And while that may seem obvious, it’s not always the perception. We make it the reality.


We’re here to serve you. Our number one priority has always been operating at the highest levels of service to our customers. Our business truly is your business. So it’s our job to take care of you when you need us and get you back on the road.

Let’s Get You Where You Want To Go

We serve owner operators by offering the best programs at the best value and then, providing the highest level of customer service when you need us.
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We serve our selling partners by providing the best warranty programs and technical services in the industry that protect the used trucks they sell.
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We serve repair facilities by building relationships with them for the good of our customers, and also bringing our partners to their high quality shops.
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We serve the trucking industry by providing a warranty program that keeps the industry moving.
We serve NTP employees by providing professional growth opportunities and by creating a work environment that fosters personal growth and satisfaction.
We serve our communities by supporting organizations that take care of our military veterans and those less fortunate than us, and sponsor events that are meaningful to our employees.