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Quality Repairs By Quality Partners

We’ve spent a lot of time and effort over nearly 40 years building solid relationships with our repair facility partners for one simple reason – so they take great care of our customers. We count on every one of the 5,000+ facilities we work with throughout North America to make quality repairs in a timely manner so our customers can get back on the road safely. We respect the cost of operating a repair facility so that’s why we are known for paying repair costs quickly, with 88% of all payments being made THE SAME DAY the finished repair is invoiced.

Every one of our repair facility partners is certified, so we know our customers are literally in good hands when they need a repair. We also have a growing network of Preferred Repair Partners (PRP) who commit to the guidelines of our PRP so our customers will always find consistent craftsmanship, pricing and service at facilities all over the land. If you are interested in more information on the PRP program, please click the link below.

The Benefits of Being an NTP Repair Facility

Work with the Leader

When you work with NTP, you’re working with the aftermarket warranty leader, trusted by OEM, multi-unit and independent repair facilities everywhere.

Work with the Best Customer Service Team

NTP Customer Service and Claims Specialists are known as the best in the industry. Many are certified mechanics so you know you’re talking to someone who understands the complexity of truck equipment.

Work with a Trusted Partner

We’ve got to have trust in our repair facilities partners because we are trusting you to take care of our customers. So we shoot straight and collaborate on behalf of the customer so they can get back on the road…and you get paid promptly!

Get Listed on Our Repair Facility Locator

Every active repair facility partner is listed on our Repair Facility Locator that is available to every one of our thousands of warranty customers and anyone who clicks the link on our website. This gives you thousands of opportunities to increase your repair volume.

Submitting a Repair Claim? We’ve Got the Right Tools

Submitting a repair claim for an approval to begin work is easy. You can choose any one of three tools in our toolbox:

No matter what tool you use, the next step is for us to determine a customer’s warranty benefit. So we’ll need you to provide us with:

  1. A detailed repair estimate with technicians notes and part numbers
  2. Photos of the components from the vehicle that failed
  3. An ECM download (only if the repair is to engine components)
  4. Photos of the VIN and the current odometer reading (so we can verify the customer’s warranty is in force)

What Happens Next?

Once we receive this information one of our experienced claims technicians will determine if the repairs needed are covered by the customers warranty. If some or all of the repairs are covered, the technician will tell you the warranty benefit (cost) that can be applied to the repair. We’ll send you a written approval with a detailed breakout of the approved items. You can then start the repair.

When the repair is finished, just send our claims team the assigned approval form, verifying completion of the work, and we’ll issue payment immediately, and directly to your shop. We understand the value of being paid in a timely manner. That’s why 88% of all our repair claims are paid within 24 hours of the completed paperwork being received.

Now, the customer, who we both want to please, can get back on the road where they can earn a living.

Become a Repair Partner

If you are interested in what it takes to join our repair network, please email us at [email protected].

What NTP Customers Say About NTP
The #1 Most Trusted Warranty Brand, Since 1983

“I am very thankful I choose to purchase the NTP warranty. I had to have the head replaced and the injectors. Was almost a $20,000 dollar repair. I was only out of pocket for the deductible. What a blessing it was to have NTP.”

- John L.

“NTP proved to be a great ally in my time of need concerning my truck repairs. They were straight forward, persistent, and they even assisted me in communicating with the repair shop to get them on the ball ASAP! I have no complaints I don’t feel hustled or taken advantage of. I’d say their coverage is well worth the investment.”

- A Trucking Company

“I just had my first experience with NTP. I had my doubts when shopping for an extended warranty because I had read so many comments about how they will do anything to avoid paying a claim, calling it pre-existing or driver negligence. But my first experience, encountered ONE WEEK AFTER GETTING COVERAGE, was the absolute fulfillment of NTP’s promise. Peace of mind and when I sell my truck, I’ll be able to transfer the remaining warranty to the new buyer. Wow, I’m amazed!”

- David M.

“It was a magnificent choice buying this extra protection. It saved me a lot of money on a DPF repair.”

- Jose B.