The Respected Leader in Aftermarket Commercial Truck Warranties, Since 1983

There’s no other brand or company in the warranty business that has more experience than National Truck Protection. For nearly 40 years we’ve partnered with all the major OEM’s, independent dealer groups, smaller dealerships and non-traditional used truck re-sellers and finance companies to offer warranty programs that cover major mechanical equipment failure. We call our re-sellers “partners” because their customers are our customers, from single truck owner operators to the small and medium size fleets. Simple said, we’re in business to keep them in business, protecting their truck and, their livelihood.

Our approach is a little different than others. We believe in transparency, telling our customers exactly what each warranty program covers and promising that if you have coverage on a failed part, we’ll pay for it to be repaired. When you need us, we don’t settle for anything less than the highest levels of customer service because we know when a truck isn’t on the road, that owner/driver isn’t making any money. So, we do everything we can to review claims and work with our 5,300+ repair facility partners to get trucks in and out as quickly and as safely as possible. When you buy an NTP warranty you can be assured we’ll be with you, every mile.

Our History

We started with a simple goal: deliver the best service to the North American trucking industry. And our history as a company proves that. From the beginning, we’ve been dedicated to providing the trucking industry the tools for success. With the right warranties, everyone wins. They get drivers back on the road and keep them there. They increase the profitability of large fleets and smaller owner operators. But mostly, they support all parts of this industry. That’s why NTP is with you every mile.


When we started serving the trucking industry nearly 40 years ago, we wanted to be known as a place where people knew they were getting honest, quality service. When we started offering aftermarket warranties, service was still important. But being trusted to cover what we said we’d cover and also, explaining why we weren’t covering a repair, was even more important. That transparency has led to the long and meaningful relationships we have today with our re-selling partners, repair facilities and customers. For the long road, we’ll always choose taking the high road.

our team

Our team of about 70 people are some of the most knowledgeable in the trucking industry, with experiences at OEM’s, dealership management, used truck sales, mechanics, truck drivers and truck owners. Add to that group others with vast experiences in insurance, actuarials, data analytics and programming, brand marketing and risk management and you’d say, that’s a well-rounded, smart team. Now, toss in a handful of military veterans and two ex-policeman and you’ve got an outstanding team that knows a little bit about protecting customers’ assets. That’s what we do. This team takes pride in the commitment we all have to our customers, selling partners and repair facilities partners. We all know that we must row together to glide through the sometimes choppy waters we face many days. We know playing as a team is the only way you get over the goal line and put points on the board. We know that hard work leads to success for everyone, and usually around here, a little fun, too. We’re good people who are with you, every mile.


NTP has been the “go to” expert in aftermarket commercial truck warranties for nearly 40 years. When someone wants to know what’s going on in the industry, they ask our experienced team. NTP also shares its knowledge to give owner operators tips on maintaining their equipment, what to consider when you’re shopping for a warranty and even what to look for when buying a used truck.


We’ve been in the trucking industry for a long time and we’re thankful for all the partnerships we have made over the years. So, we believe in giving back, supporting organizations like the UTA, NTDA and more because partnerships and relationships are important in our business. We also have very strong feelings for our military veterans. There are over one million military veterans who work in the trucking industry and we’re proud to have employees who served in the Army, Navy, Marines and National Guard. We also believe in giving back to the communities where we live, participating in several events and programs that support those in need and charitable causes our team holds close to their hearts.

What They Say About Us

“It was great to have NTP stand behind the warranty! This was a very stressful time for me and it was handled professionally. The help through this was top notch!”


“I had injectors and cups on my D13, but the dealer overcharged my on all the parts and labor. But National Truck Protection’s warranty paid almost everything.”


“I just wanted to let you know that Keshia Rogers did a great job with me today. She was helpful and very courteous. Repairs are very frustrating. She showed empathy and was incredibly efficient. She has a great member for you. Thanks, Rob”