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NTP has been the “go to” expert in aftermarket commercial truck warranties for nearly 40 years. When someone wants to know what’s going on in the industry, they ask our experienced team. NTP also shares its knowledge to give owner operators tips on maintaining their equipment, what to consider when shopping for a warranty and even what to look for when buying a used truck.

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Fleet of Semi Trucks Parked

2021 Spring Newsletter

  • Learn about real claims we have recently paid for our NTP warranty holders and how to avoid your own costly repair bills.
Fleet of Semi Trucks Parked

Special Report: How Used Truck Dealerships Can Maximize Inventory Profitability in 2020

  • COVID-19’s Market Impact & Changing Shopping Trends
  • Mastering Trade-In Valuations & How To Set Your Prices Correctly
  • Organizing Your Inventory & The Power of Data to Increase Revenue
  • The Benefits of Auctions & How to Use Social Media & e-Marketplaces
  • What Resellers Need to Know About Buyer Financing

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NTP Spring Newsletter

This issue of the Nice To Know News Spring 2021 Newsletter includes two ways to keep you on the road: 1) Provides “Do it yourself” tips for preventive maintenance 2) Shares some of the recently paid claims for our warranty holders This is just another way we help keep...

Tips to Remember When Buying A Used Truck

When buying a commercial truck, pay special attention to the cooling system and the oil for instance, can be a simple indicator of how the truck was maintained and how it should perform. A reputable dealer will take the time to inspect those areas, so the buyer has a...

3 Steps To Being Proactive in Your Truck’s Maintenance

Practice Preventative Maintenance You invested your hard-earned money to buy your truck. So, creating your own preventative maintenance (PM) schedule and sticking to it at consistent intervals can prevent breakdowns which will...

Tampering with Aftertreatment Systems Puts Your Business at Risk

Modern commercial vehicle aftertreatment systems have dramatically reduced harmful vehicle emissions and helped improve our air quality. But since their initial introduction, these systems have also contributed to more instances of mechanical breakdown and therefore,...

How to Keep You Cool on Those Long and Short Hauls

Your truck can run without AC, but can you? Inefficient air conditioning in the cabin can be more than uncomfortable, it can affect your driving performance and safety. That’s why it is so important to make sure your air-conditioning system is operating efficiently...