A Long and Fulfilling History of Helping Owner Operator and Small Fleet Owners

1983 is our official start date as the oldest and longest-running aftermarket warranty company in North America. But our roots go back even further, to a couple mechanics in NJ in the late 1960s who started their craft to help truck owners get their trucks repaired quickly and safely so they could get back on the road. That way of thinking and our way of helping others hasn’t changed in nearly 50 years. We offer the most comprehensive warranty programs to protect your business from huge out of pocket expenses when breakdowns occur. And when you need us, our dedicated, smart and caring team are here to get your problem solved so you can get back on the road, earning! If you ask us, our history is just beginning.


In 1983, Dover Diesel Services started Dover Diesel Engine Protection Service (DDEPS) to develop an engine warranty they could sell with fifty trucks they had bought to give the buyers protection if the engine failed. They were smart, running a dynamometer and checking the engine bearings on each truck. Then, for $1,500 you could buy a 6 month/50,000 miles warranty that would take care of all costs if your engine failed. Catastrophic coverage protection was born, and the idea of offering engine protection expanded quickly to major OEM remarketing centers where they actually taped the warranty contract to the side window of the cab!


The 1990s saw a huge expansion in business with new OEMs and now almost every major commercial truck brand asking for warranty programs. DDEPS decided to change its name to National Truck Protection (NTP) who not only offered warranties but expanded into more used truck sales as well as leasing and renting commercial vehicles.


The 2000s are when the NTP brand really took off, becoming the largest independent extended warranty provider in the used commercial truck market. We built very strong relationships with all the major OEMs and earned a strong reputation with dealership and truck owners because of our quality warranty products, great service and promise to take care of our warranty customers.


Throughout the years, NTP continued to develop innovative warranty programs to protect the major components of a truck. We were the first in the industry to offer a revolutionary program, the Ultra warranty, that had no repair cost caps on engine, critical components and aftertreatment systems. That program propelled NTP to another level with used truck owners and dealerships across the US.

Kinderhook Industries, a private equity group in New York City, bought NTP in 2016 and added Premium 2000+, the other top-selling aftermarket warranty brand, in 2018. Together, National Truck Protection Co. Inc., with its two top-selling warranty brands, dominates the used truck aftermarket business for heavy-and medium-duty trucks in the US and Canada. In 2020, NTP introduced ULTRA 2, an upgrade to the Ultra program that still carries no repair caps but now covers more components and has higher limits of liability on major components and expanded progressive damage and wearout coverages.