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Geoff Stigler, Chief Commercial Officer, shares equipment repair costs on Arrow’s Successful Driver podcast.

You Cover Your Insureds’ Liability and Physical Damage. Why Not Add Breakdown Coverage?

Hundreds of thousands of trucks are on the road and carry traditional insurance products like collision, liability and personal injury. Protecting your insureds’ livelihood means providing those coverages that keep them on the road. But traditional insurance agents and brokers haven’t offered protection to cover breakdowns…. until now.

We worked closely with industry experts to develop a special warranty program for insurance agents and transportation brokers that fits seamlessly into their existing programs and sales process. Adding warranty coverage to your insurance portfolio provides truck owners the opportunity to buy a warranty when they own their truck, and not just when they are buying a used truck. And like traditional collision insurance, an NTP warranty provides protection from paying thousands of dollars in repair costs when you have a major mechanical breakdown.


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Why Offer Warranty Coverage to Your Insured

  • Complements commercial insurance coverage by protecting your client from unforeseen downtime and expense due to mechanical breakdown
  • Quoting is simple and can be included with any insurance proposal. We also offer financing options.
  • Provides a vital business tool in managing the total-cost-of-ownership of commercial heavy- and medium-duty trucks
  • Warranty is transferable, creating additional value for your client’s asset

Become a Selling Partner.

If you are interested in learning more about our new insurance agency and broker’s warranty program, just click the link below and we’ll get back to you.

What They Say About Us

“Thank you for your assistance in this claim along with your co-operation as well. The professionalism and customer service is the main reason for our association with your organization.”


“The quality of the relationship we have with this extended truck warranty company, from their management to their sales reps, is one of trust and respect. If you have a business partner you trust and who trusts you…that’s true magic.”


“I would like to thank you guys for just taking care of the issues with my truck. And I would like to also give a special thanks to Robert Edwards. That guy went far and beyond the call of duty for me. I had a situation at Rush Truck Center in Chester, Va and he detected some over charges and ridiculous markups…..All I can say to that is he went to bat for me just make sure I was able to leave with my truck comfortably. Thank you once again and you guys are the best!”