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Sign Up for Our Self-Service Portal

This 10-minute video shows you how easy it is to sign up and use our self-service customer portal. This online service allows our warranty customers to access their warranty information, see coverages, submit claims and supporting documents, and check the status of a repair. It makes the repair process easy and convenient so you can get back on the road.

Paying Claims is What We Do.

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I Need a Repair. Now What?

Our experienced Claims Analysts and Customer Service team are dedicated to making the process of reporting a claim as easy and helpful as possible, especially since breaking down is not a pleasant experience.

So, when you need a repair let us know, and we’ll take care of you.

We have three ways to contact us:

*IMPORTANT: All repairs must first be approved by National Truck Protection before repairs are made to be eligible for coverage.

If It’s Covered, You’re Covered

Since we started our business in 1983, we’ve taken our responsibility to care for of our customers seriously. If a repair is covered by your warranty, we’ll pay for that repair. That’s proven by NTP paying tens of millions of dollars in repairs every year and we have gained the trust of owner operators, fleet owners and OEM and independent repair facilities across North America.

Our Goal: To Get You Back on the Road Quickly and Safely

When driving a truck or having a truck on the road is your business, the last thing you want is to be down for repairs that could cost you twice: lost wages from not driving, and money out of your pocket from not having a warranty that pays for costly repairs. That’s why at NTP, our business is to take care of your business. So, we have an experienced team and simple process to get your claim submitted and reviewed and repairs made as quickly as possible, so you can get back on the road.

What Do I Do When I Break Down or Sense a Problem?

Please call us as soon as you experience a vehicle failure or sense a mechanical equipment problem. When you call our Claims Specialists at 877-950-3200, we will:

  • Provide you an explanation of your warranty coverage
  • Give you details how to submit your repair claim
  • Help you locate a quality repair facility nearby, or convenient for you to get repaired and back on the road as quickly as possible

How Do I Determine Damage and Start Repairs?

  • Permission to diagnose a vehicle to determine the problem must always be given to the repair facility by the vehicle owner. NTP cannot and does not authorize failure diagnosis, including tear-down.
  • With the vehicle owner’s permission, diagnosis of the failure or problem can proceed without pre-approval from NTP.
  • To start repairs covered by the warranty, pre-approval must first be given in writing by NTP to the repair facility. Warranty coverage will not be provided for repairs made and/or completed without NTP approval.

Can I Submit the Repairs Needed on My Own?

Yes. Getting an approval from NTP for repairs that are covered by your warranty is as simple as providing us with the same information that an OEM warranty requires. We need:

  • A detailed repair estimate with the technician’s notes and part numbers
  • Photos of the odometer, the VIN plate and all failed components
  • An ECM Download (only for Engine repairs)
  • NOTE: We usually don’t require maintenance records but if needed, we will ask the warranty holder

These items should be emailed to us at [email protected], or submitted via the Self-Service portal at portal.ntp-p2k.com  To sign-up for the Self-Service portal, click here.

How do I register for the Self-Service portal?

Our innovative customer and repair facilities self-service portal makes it easy and quick for you to submit a claim, receive repair approval and monitor the repair process.  And it makes it easy and quick for NTP to pay the repair facility so you can get back on the road. All warranty customers and repair facilities can register by visiting portal.ntp-p2k.com.


Fastest Way to Initiate a Claim?

The fastest method is through our Self-Service Portal.  You can submit a claim, receive repair approval, and keep track of the repair process all in one place.  You can also keep track of NTP payments to the repair facility.  Which helps you get back on the road quicker.

If you are a Service Repair Facility and are interested in learning more about how to become a Preferred Repair Partner, please visit us and the first step is to report a new repair claim to us. If you’ve never worked with us before, we’ll explain the claim process to you and get your shop added as a servicer in our system. We’ll give you the option of making a partnership with us more permanent by becoming a Certified Service Provider, and if you choose to move forward, we’ll guide you through the necessary steps.

The best way to keep a warranty valid is to keep all of your maintenance up-to-date.  And when something goes wrong, to call us immediately.  We’ll go over options and potential costs.  But it’s very important that you call us before paying for any repairs on your own.

When your truck is your business, the last thing you need is a breakdown that could cost you twice. First from the wages lost from not driving, and second for costly repairs. Having the right warranty drastically cuts down on those costs. At NTP, our business is to take care of your business. And having an NTP warranty can mean getting back on the road in less time and for less money.

If a repair is covered by your warranty, we’ll pay for that repair. That’s a statement we firmly stand by.  Since we started our business in 1983, we’ve taken our responsibility to care for of our customers seriously.  That’s proven by NTP paying tens of millions of dollars in repairs every year.

If a part or service is covered by an NTP warranty, we cover the cost of that part and the labor to install it.  The warranty owner is responsible for any claims deductible, and the cost of diagnostic tests.  Please review your warranty thoroughly for equipment coverage, deductibles, and other details.

Please call us as soon as you experience a vehicle failure or sense a mechanical equipment problem.  That way we can go over your warranty coverage and give you details about submitting your repair claim.  We also help you locate quality repair facilities nearby.  It’s all about getting you back on the road.

Yes. To obtain approval, there are only a couple of things we need.  First, a detailed repair estimate with technician notes and part numbers.  And second, photos of the odometer, VIN plate, and failed components (and for engine repairs, an ECM Download).  We don’t usually require maintenance records, but if needed, we’ll ask the warranty holder.  All of these documents can be emailed to us or submitted via the Self-Service Portal.

What NTP Customers Say About NTP
The #1 Most Trusted Warranty Brand, Since 1983

“I am very thankful I choose to purchase the NTP warranty. I had to have the head replaced and the injectors. Was almost a $20,000 dollar repair. I was only out of pocket for the deductible. What a blessing it was to have NTP.”

- John L.

“NTP proved to be a great ally in my time of need concerning my truck repairs. They were straight forward, persistent, and they even assisted me in communicating with the repair shop to get them on the ball ASAP! I have no complaints I don’t feel hustled or taken advantage of. I’d say their coverage is well worth the investment.”

- A Trucking Company

“I just had my first experience with NTP. I had my doubts when shopping for an extended warranty because I had read so many comments about how they will do anything to avoid paying a claim, calling it pre-existing or driver negligence. But my first experience, encountered ONE WEEK AFTER GETTING COVERAGE, was the absolute fulfillment of NTP’s promise. Peace of mind and when I sell my truck, I’ll be able to transfer the remaining warranty to the new buyer. Wow, I’m amazed!”

- David M.

“It was a magnificent choice buying this extra protection. It saved me a lot of money on a DPF repair.”

- Jose B.