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When you’re in the business of leasing trucks, you want assurance your assets are protected, and your customers’ businesses are protected, too. An NTP warranty attached to a leased medium- or heavy-duty vehicle gives everyone peace of mind that unforeseen mechanical failures will be taken care of so the truck is back on the road, earning money.

NTP offers warranty programs with 6 to 48-month terms and a variety of components coverages that include engine, critical components, after treatment, and more. Our strong reputation as a trusted partner with OEMs, independent dealers, and insurance re-sellers have made NTP the industry leader for aftermarket warranties for Class 3 – 8 commercial trucks. Let us know what you need and we’ll build a program that works for you and your customers.


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Choosing NTP as your warranty provider is a smart choice, protecting your leased vehicles and your customers’ businesses. Contact us today to learn more about our industry-leading programs.

What NTP Customers Say About NTP
The #1 Most Trusted Warranty Brand, Since 1983

“I am very thankful I choose to purchase the NTP warranty. I had to have the head replaced and the injectors. Was almost a $20,000 dollar repair. I was only out of pocket for the deductible. What a blessing it was to have NTP.”

- John L.

“NTP proved to be a great ally in my time of need concerning my truck repairs. They were straight forward, persistent, and they even assisted me in communicating with the repair shop to get them on the ball ASAP! I have no complaints I don’t feel hustled or taken advantage of. I’d say their coverage is well worth the investment.”

- A Trucking Company

“I just had my first experience with NTP. I had my doubts when shopping for an extended warranty because I had read so many comments about how they will do anything to avoid paying a claim, calling it pre-existing or driver negligence. But my first experience, encountered ONE WEEK AFTER GETTING COVERAGE, was the absolute fulfillment of NTP’s promise. Peace of mind and when I sell my truck, I’ll be able to transfer the remaining warranty to the new buyer. Wow, I’m amazed!”

- David M.

“It was a magnificent choice buying this extra protection. It saved me a lot of money on a DPF repair.”

- Jose B.